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How to Use Assisted Integration


  1. Merchant needs KYB Approval from our Risk Team. If the merchant is not getting approval from our Team, will appear on this page like in the picture below.
Service Activation Empty State

  1. Merchants must obtain the requirement for connecting their preferred payment channels (for example BIN Number on Virtual Account and MID, TID Number on Credit Card, etc) and DOKU Sales Team will assist merchants to ful-fill their requirement. Contact us to learn more.

Submit Request Form

The flow of the merchant to submit the request like picture below:

  1. Login to DOKU Back Office then choose the Integration > Assisted Integration Merchant menu.
Assisted Integration External Role Menu

  1. Then, fill the form based on the Merchant's needs. Here is the expalanation for each form:
Form NameOptionsExplanation
Sales NameOnly one name and emailWhen the merchant using DOKU Sales Referral Code
Has list of sales nameWhen the merchant is onboard without DOKU Sales referral (self-onboard)
Merchant StatusNew MerchantWhen merchant first time using DOKU and first time to request
Upselling1. When Merchant is already connected with DOKU and already integrate their service by themself and first time to request.
2. When Merchant is already connected with DOKU and has already to submit their request before
Duration RequestOnly put 1-999 (numbers only)Total expected mandays from Merchant.
NotesString CharacterAnother request that could be submitted to integration team
  1. Click the Submit button, and there will appear a pop-up message in the picture below. Click the โ€œAddโ€ button to confirm.

    Pop-Up Message when insert new request form

  2. After Merchant clicks the Add button, the new request will appear in the integration request list.

    List Integration Request

  3. If the Merchant want to know the detail, click the selected Work Order on the List Integration Request table.

    Request Details