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Transaction List and State

To know whether your transaction has been settled to you. Please follow these steps given below:

Transaction list

  1. Login to DOKU Back Office
  2. Click menu Finance > Transaction
  3. You should see all the transaction that has been successfully processed

The table given below describes the life cycle of transaction state:

Transaction StateDescription
Payment SuccessTransaction is successfully processed, waiting to be reconciled before settling to your bank account
ReconciledTransaction is successfully reconciled. DOKU will process the funds to you
SettledTransaction is successfully settled. You have received the funds
Void PaymentTransaction is successfully voided/cancelled. Usually for credit card or direct debit transactions. DOKU will not process the fee or settlement calculation for this transaction
Initiate RefundTransaction is marked to be refunded. DOKU are processing your refund request
Settle RefundTransaction is successfully refunded. Your customer has received the funds and your settlement amount has been deducted
InvoiceThe fee for this transaction has been successfully paid through invoice billing. This state is specifically for direct merchant

What's next?

Learn more about the receiving funds model that DOKU provided.