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Payment Testing

You don't to spend a real money just to make sure your system is working, don't you? Therefore, you can simulate the payment through our Payment Simulator.

Payment Simulator

How to simulate the payment

Here is how to simulate the payment:

  1. Initiate a transaction from your system (make sure to hit the Sandbox environment).
  2. Open the Payment Simulator to execute the payment. Click here.
  3. DOKU will send notification to defined Notification URL for certain payment channels. Learn more here.
  4. Check your system to ensure that the business logic is already functioning as you expected.
Go to Payment Simulator
Credit Card

As for the Credit Card Payment, you can fill the Card Number, Expiry Date, and CCV that is listed on our Payment Simulator page.

What's next?

Congraluations! If your system is working as you expected then you can now proceed to accept real payments from your customers. Learn more here.