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To boost your product selling significantly, we deliver something new within DOKU called e-Katalog.

We deliver this product with several beneficial features:

  1. Build your online catalogue within minutes
    Registered via DOKU, once active will active the service, no additional activation or code needed
  2. Easily showcase your product through social media
    Reach your potential customer easily through a copy link product feature and share it.
  3. Monitor order status only in one dashboard
    Just open the Retail menu within the dashboard and choose the transaction menu, the list of your customer order progress will be displayed.
  4. Choose your preferred third party logistic
    We provide your customer with various 3PL like JnT, Sicepat, JNE, Tiki, and many more
  5. Fixed fee rate for every single payment
    With DOKU’s experience of handling payment channels for many years, we only put a charge for every single transaction on a minimum level.
  6. Automatically receive success payment notification
    Your customer will be notified for every single transaction process through email notification.
  7. Receive your fund quickly
    The settlement process will proceed after the transaction is done and the product is in customer hands (H+1 until H+3 Working Days).