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Email Notification for Transaction

Currently, Link Bayar is already supported to deliver email notification for every single link created. Without any code implementation, the configuration is embedded within WhatsApp Link Feature.

To configure the email notification, merchants can access it within DOKU Dashboard.

  • Jokul > Tools > WhatsApp Link > Click “Enable WhatsApp Link Notification” button.

Then, it will appear like the picture below.

Notification Pop-up

The details for every checkbox will be explained within the table below.

List of Notification Configuration Form
Form SectionCheck boxExplanationSample Email - CustomerSample Email - Merchant
Select Notification SubjectPayment Link is near expired before [X] minutesa. Customer and Merchant could receive a notification within their email inbox if their payment link is approaching to near expiration time.
b. [X] minutes means expected duration that merchants want to remind the customer or theirself if this payment link still does not proceed.
c. For e.g the expiration transaction of merchant set on 01 December 2021 at 23.59, then merchant set the reminder is 60 minutes, has a meaning the notification will be sent on 01 December 2021 at 22.59.
Customer Email Near ExpiredMerchant Email Near Expired
Select Notification SubjectPayment Link is generatedCustomer and Merchant could receive the notification if the payment link is successfully createdCustomer Email GeneratedMerchant Email Generated
Select Notification SubjectPayment Link is successCustomer and Merchant could receive the notification after the customer already processed the transaction.Customer Email SuccessMerchant Email Success
Select Notification SubjectPayment Link is expiredCustomer and Merchant receive a notification if the customer doesn’t process the transaction until it reaches the expiration time.Customer Email ExpiredMerchant Email Expired
Send Notification ViaEmailCurrently, DOKU supports the notification through email. If this checkbox is checked, a customer email form will appear within the customer details section.
Send Notification to MeReceive the same notification as your customerMerchants will receive the same notification as their configuration on the selected notification subject. Otherwise, only the merchant's customer receives the notification.

If the merchant is already confirmed with their email notification configuration, click the save button.

Notification Pop-up After Configuration

Then it will appear like the modal picture below, choose the “enabled” button to save the configuration

Confirm Save Link Pop Up

The configuration is automatically saved, and will apply for all of the generated links within Link Bayar until the merchant changes the configuration.

The customer email is still not mandatory, but if the data is filled by the merchant, the notification will automatically be sent based on the configuration.

To customize the email appearance visit this link.